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1. TOSS: Hook one carabiner to the non-laddered side of one strap and toss it over the tree/support of your choice. Repeat for both straps.

Caution: The carabiner and strap can swing back and hit the user or bystander.s Make sure bystanders and users are at a safe distance. 

2. CLIP: Attach the loop from one side of the swing to the carabiner, and clip the carabiner to one of the laddered loops on the other side of the strap to set the swing at the height you want. Repeat for both sides.

3. SWING: Pull on the straps to confirm your swing's stability, take a seat, and swing away!


Use Swings With Caution. Accidents Happen.

Before using any Pocket Swing product for the first time, follow the product link below to read all product setup and safety information. 

  1. Under no circumstances should you hang your Pocket Swing higher than 18 inches off the ground.

  2. Check the area beneath the swing is free of sharp objects, rocks, or other debris.

  3. Check your surroundings, above and below, and make sure to choose a suitable, stable living/healthy tree or anchor points that can safely support the swing and it's occupant(s).

  4. Before every use, fully inspect your gear, including carabiners and straps, for snags, fraying, or anything unusual from the time of purchase. If anything suspect is found during inspection, please discontinue use and check out our warranty.

  5. Always store gear indoors when not in use, as elemental damage over time will degrade the product.

  6. Do not permit children to use unattended.

  7. Do not jump or swing aggressively in the swing.

  8. Always follow provided instructions.

  9. Always test the swing to ensure it is hung correctly before putting your full weight into it.

  10. Do not stack swings.

  11. Do not modify your swing; after-market modifications will void your warranty.

  12. Failure to adhere to these instruction/guidelines may result in serious injury or death.

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